29 October 2010

Love + Fashion

There is a little voyeur in me that loves to learn about what people do about their normal lives... And I love when couples are stylish and in love... You can kind of just tell that they are fit for each other just by the connection in their clothing and even careers... I inspire to one day be in love and stylish


23 October 2010

Inspiration- October Two:Halloween

1.Charles Manson
2.Susan Atkins - Interview (1976)
3.People From Under The Stairs
4.Christina Ricci:Malice In Wonderland
5.Marilyn Monroe by Thomas Pendelton
6.Michael Jackson's Thriller
7.The Craft (1996)
8.Donnie Darko (2001)

20 October 2010

Pamela Love + The SELBY

I wanted to write about my love for the jewelry designer,Pamela Love.. I did...but that was going to be later in the blogging...then I found out the SELBY did her space with her lover Jordan Sullivan and I just died... I died at that moment.. Well now I'm resurrecting to acknowledge her place in the SELBY... I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEE when artists work together, live together and love together.. There is something about being creatives in love....Things aren't mundane and never gets boring like everyone else's love lives... And god I want that to be my life someday...or right now.. I will write the longer post about Ms.Pamela Love, but I don't want to spill the tea just yet... So please check out the SELBY to see their space.. You will not be disappointed!

16 October 2010


Urban Outfitters' BDG Corduroy Tote Bag - $58.00     
Forever 21's Mirage Shoulder Bag- $25.80

10 October 2010

October Inspiration: One

1.Lost In Translation
2.John Lennon and Yoko Ono
3.Kurt Cobain
4.Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides
5.Sofia Coppola
6.Fatal Attraction

06 October 2010


Mulberry Alexa $1,500
Forever 21 Versatile Briefcase $29.80

05 October 2010

Cass Bird:Dossier Issue 6 F/W 2010 | Cinnamon Girl

I'm in love with these photographs.. They are quite vintage looking. I wonder what it was shot with....seems like it could be film. You don't get to enjoy film as often as I would like in fashion these days... These photos have a natural un-contrived feel.

04 October 2010

THE ROW: Mary-Kate and Ashley

The fashion mogul twins have strike back with their new short film about their new collection, The Row. This short film takes a behind the scenes look at the designers, the inspiration and a fashion show for the Spring 2011 line.