20 October 2010

Pamela Love + The SELBY

I wanted to write about my love for the jewelry designer,Pamela Love.. I did...but that was going to be later in the blogging...then I found out the SELBY did her space with her lover Jordan Sullivan and I just died... I died at that moment.. Well now I'm resurrecting to acknowledge her place in the SELBY... I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEE when artists work together, live together and love together.. There is something about being creatives in love....Things aren't mundane and never gets boring like everyone else's love lives... And god I want that to be my life someday...or right now.. I will write the longer post about Ms.Pamela Love, but I don't want to spill the tea just yet... So please check out the SELBY to see their space.. You will not be disappointed!

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