25 November 2010

Black Friday + Urban Outfitters

I'll admit.. I'm a little selfish..found out this week that my favorite store,Urban Outfitters will have their whole store 50% off  and that's IN-STORE only... I'm back in Louisiana for a little while and even though for every five streets in New York there is an Urban Outfitters; there is only two in the whole STATE(yea just let the shock roll over you)... so now I just sit here (not in New Orleans but a smaller town) bitching and moaning while surf the clothing porn that is UrbanOutfitters.com...So tomorrow morning, get out your bed at 4 am, crowd the subway or roads and fight for that Cambridge bag that will be only $75 instead of $150 or that $80 Silence and Noise dress that will only be $40...ugh enjoy...

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