26 November 2010

Inspiration: JULIA POTT

I discovered Julia Pott about a couple months ago. I bookmarked her blog in a rush and said I was going to come back to it, then guess what? I lost my bookmarks for that day and spent the last couple months trying to remember the name I only knew for 5 seconds, but I found it! I just have to say Ms.Pott is quite unique in her drawings and ideas and it is inspiring.What's even more is that she does animation also. In my opinion, her animination is my living, breathing childhood. I remember seeing a few cartoons or books with illustrations when I was a kid and there is something about her work especially the short stories that resonate with me. When I watch her short films I feel...I feel..(you can tell I'm writing with my emotion) a nostalgic calm. And even though her stories are more teen/adult level about love and relationships it still feels like I can re-live my childhood through them; even if its only for 5 minutes. I don't think I could look at any other animation on television or else where that would make these feelings come alive like it does in her stories.

Julia recently done a commercial for Toyota and it was so refreshing and much more interesting then any commercial Toyota has ever done. She has also done work for Bat For Lashes (one of my favoriteeeee singerrrrs whoooo hooo!) and also has her works on totes, ipod/laptop skins and various other mediums. You can find her various work on her blog or even her youtube channel of all her public animations I will assure you this is someone you want to look for on her rise to the top!

By the way Julia, if you ever get your own animation show I will be glued to my TV screen or computer screen or whatever screen you are on!