24 December 2010

Style Inspiration + Film : Rosemary's Baby

 I always notice the wrong things I suppose. I mean, your husband sells you out for fame and fortune meanwhile there is a Satanic cult trying to put Satan's seed in you(well, Rosemary)!!? And in spite of all this happening in a film,all I can think of is :
"God I wish the 1960s mod would come back."
"Do you see that smocked dress while they are carrying her kicking and screaming to have Satan's baby?"
"Oh my god I hope I look this stylish when I hit 80"
"Look at the apartment decoration isn't that spectular?"

 You can't deny how great fashion (and classy I might add) was in the 1960s. I miss the old days when a man and woman really dressed up ,however all hope is not lost. Modcloth.com has TONS of affordable clothing similar to the 1960s..but I won't ramble, if you haven't seen this film, please do.

By the way, I heard that they are remaking Rosemary's Baby... Please don't...EVER.

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