13 January 2011

Inspiration: Katharina Poblotzki

It wasn't about the Sofia Coppola photo, but I'll admit it did sway me at first. I saw on my twitter feed Jenny Mortsell tweeted about her photographic friends and I said "this has to be good." If you haven't seen Jenny's illustrations you just have to know that whoever she recommends has to be great! But Jenny is another post for later because she is just... I can't even go into words with her originality...But on with Katharina --her work stands out, if I was some photo editor or anything of high power I would seek her out of Berlin and have her shoot a whole issue of my magazine because she is that epic. And I think she's shooting film with a simple 35mm also known as the Yaschia T4, but that's my assumption but a good one :-). But I won't ramble at her greatness or tools --just go look at her portfolio.

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