11 March 2011


Amazingly last week I said, I want to got o TOYKO, I have to go! I drew some anime, put some Haruki Murakami books in my Amazon cart and wrote on in a notepad 愛日本  which is (I) love Japan.. I was going through tons of comics and looking at photos of Japan on a blog and had this big of nostalgic feeling. Since I was a girl I was obsessed with Asian culture and I thought I have to acutally meet this obsession but then I wake up to this..One of the worst earthquakes in Japan in almost 100 years.. My family there is fine, that's great. However, I have lived through a huge natural disaster and I know from my experience : Japan won't be the same for a very long time...

Tsunami warning March 11 2011 #2 with helmeted newscasters

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