07 March 2011

Muse #2: KELIS

I discovered Kelis in a 2001 issue of Seventeen magazine. There she was with her warm honey hair streaks, "consistently inconsistent" style and with yours truly Anna Sui.. It was the first time I had seen her(I had heard her unconsciously around 1999 on a song) and I was in LOVE.. I still have that clipping..I keep it in a binder(like a psycho). Kelis is one of the most UNDERRATED singers and trendsetters of all time. She has been copied,traced and erased by the biggest stars of today and also uncredited. Her ideas have been copied so much she is running at a rapid pace of changing her style over and over so that it can't be cloned. She is the underdog for no reason of her own but I love her and I would love to spend a day with her taking her picture of her everyday life. Judging from her occasional interviews I'm sure she can give me great wisdom about womanhood,music and the philosophy of life.

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