01 March 2011

Music: Not That You Care

I just want to document what I have been listening to lately for the last couple of months almost everyday...

  1. Arcade Fire-Ready To Start
  2. The Cure-A Forest
  3. Radiohead-I Might Be Wrong
  4. Best Coast-When I'm With You
  5. Folk Implosion-Jenny's Theme
  6. The Kills-Black Balloon
  7. Warpaint- Stars
  8. Arctic Monkeys-My Propeller
  9. Pandabear-Slow Motion
  10. Nirvana-Lounge Act
  11. Nirvana-Dive
  12. The Dead Weather-No Hassle Night
  13. JUS†ICE- Planisphere
  14. The Doors-Crystal Ship
  15. The Doors- In The End
  16. Marilyn Manson-The Dope Show
  17. NIN-Closer
  18. The Naked and Famous- Young Blood
  19. Aqualung-The Good Times Are Going To Come
  20. Charles B-Lack of Love
  21. My Toys Like Me-Mice
  22. Billie Holiday- Gloomy Sunday
  23. Louis Armstrong-Dear Old Southland
  24. Simon & Garfunkel-Scarborough Fair / Canticle
  25. Interpol-NARC
  26. Stooges-I Want To Be Your Dog 
times sqaure
(a totally irrelevant photo i took in times square, my flickr)

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