03 March 2011

PROENZA SCHOULER vs. Target Knockoff

Proenza Schouler $1,995

Mossimo Messenger Bag $34.99

I like Target and Mossimo... So I felt bad calling it a "knock off" but I was on Dulce Candy's blog and I was like "oh she has a Proenza Schouler bag.." Then I read the creds and it said TARGET and I immediately went look for it. No judgement here, because as soon as I finish this post I am going buy it! HA 


Gigi said...

Did you buy it? I really want to order the brown one :) Or did you see it in store? Does it look nice or hideous?

LaRon said...

went to Target..there wasn't any left.. I was so dishardened ! i really want to see it in person before buying it!