23 June 2011

Interview: DiscoRat

I don't know how I discovered Disco Rat's work but when I saw it I said to myself "wow, I wonder what magazine this is from" only to find out it wasn't from a magazine it was from a illustrator and photographer known as DiscoRat.. Vibrant colors, painted perfection with professional gloss is one of the ways I could describe her work. I tracked her down for a little interview just to see what was inside that head of hers.

Who are you?
I am 21 year old illustrator and photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine.

How did you get into photography and graphic design?

I always loved creating images. At first it was illustration, then, because of the lack of skills I took a camera and tried to visualize my ideas with the help of photography. However, my addiction for drawing is not gone, I often use drawing or computer graphics when editing photos. I often took pictures of myself, because there is no model who can understand what I want better than myself.

What is your goal in photography?Where do you see your self in 5yrs? Your inspirations?
Maybe the goal is my "painted photo" style. I don't try to catch real life moments in my photographs, I don't want to convey a mood, show my soul or provoke any thoughts. I create the photograph artificially from beginning to end, all that matters to me is a striking image, light and color. Creation of the 'image' is what I am interested in the most, which is why I chose photography.I don't want to work as a photographer who receives specific assignments, I'd like to have my own recognized style, for which people would come to me. So that in my work, I'm not asked to resemble what somebody has done, but exactly what I do myself.

My inspirations are endless images on the internet, beautiful people, colors, make up, and the thoughts that come before going to sleep.

What would you call your style?

For several years it was discooo, everything about lights, colors, glitter, make up, flares, highlights, but now I think it's time for me to search for something new.
Iris Neon

What do you use? Do you think your camera/software matters?

A week ago I sold my first camera, Canon 1000d, it is the most common and cheap dslr with the cheapest lens. It was always hard for me to get the desired quality of shots, it really matters for me, but the bad quality still can't stop me. Editing pictures is the most interesting thing) I work with each photo heartily, often "before" and "after" really differ much. And of course, I use Photoshop.

What do others think(friends,strangers,family) think of your talent?
My parents and friends appreciate my work and help me to develop as much as possible. I don't have many comments on flickr or anywhere else, but I often get admiring emails from strangers) this always really pleases me)
I am the queen! I like everything!

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