15 June 2011

Is There Anything James Franco hasn't done? Now Fashion Photographer?

It's not about what you know but who....I will say not bad for a first try. I have seen work similar to his style in magazines and ads and I immediately thought of Jueger Teller for Marc Jacobs and all of Terry Richardson's work. If someone told me that James photographed this I wouldn't have even noticed. In fact, I may have even looked for the credits to see if Teller or Richardson had photographed it instead. With that being said they aren't original which may be bad for the unknown photographer but for someone like Franco, it doesn't matter...Why? Because Franco pisses glitter and charm(oh yea he's famous and has connections). I like his attempt , I would also like to see what time and unlimited access to money will bring because in my opinion, sometimes your photography is only as good as your subject. Hey, maybe it will become a full time job if acting fails.

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