25 July 2011

past couple of months.

Washington D.C
31st street
Tuscaloosa Alabama tornado damage
new orleans
i always start a blog saying :"this is going to be about myself and my work" and by the second month its about everyone else and their work. i guess because i really hate my work. it's so mediocre to me...and i think that no one cares and deep down i want them to.

15 July 2011

Richard Nicholson

It took me two years to find his website again. At one point I thought maybe he deleted his domain but I finally found it. His photographers are colorful and full framed.

09 July 2011

TEEN ANGST:Gregg Araki

of course it is
I maybe behind...Okay I am. I have just discovered Gregg Araki and all his glory with the "Teen Apocalypse" trilogy all starring the young James Duval (Frank the bunny from Donnie Darko?Sweet god..Google him...its okay ---I'll wait). Araki's films are independent and very low budget, but in a good way;almost as a spit in Hollywood's face....Now a days mainstream movies are just great visuals and nothing else. I enjoyed all three of the films in the trilogy. I mostly enjoyed Totally F**ked Up(1993) which is the first film about "adolescents who have formed a family unit and struggle to get along with each other and with life in the face of various major obstacles." All films featured gay/bisexuality, the mixing of races, and common problems and hypocrisies with the world. And what is is so interesting is these films  were made over 15 years ago but alot of the things mention in the film are now true, very futuristic for the time.His movies make you feel as if your in another world, aware of the problems but not taking them so seriously because you can do  take them seriously in real life...I plan to watch more of his films because in the middle of my current Quarter Life Crisis it's theraputic to enjoy a good laugh at how f**ked up the world really is . I am currently a very angsty adult and Araki's films puts a comedic light on really serious stuff which keeps me from driving my car off a bridge..Just joking....Kinda.
(trailer for the complete trilogy)
Totally F**ked Up (1993)
Doom Generation(1995)

Nowhere (1997)