27 September 2011


I found BLK DMN some how through their short film for their 2011 collection  and I was in heaven!! Its mostly all black(or neutrals)...its sleek....its edgy! It is totally MEEEEEE! Here are my picks from their line...BTW are you guys hiring?Because I love everything about the line and what you guys are doing!
the perfect motorcycle jacket!
I spoke of this in my birthday wishlist 2 posts behind this!
kind of highwaisted, when you have a butt like mines higher waist jeans are your best friend

I have never been one for leather jackets that weren't black but this one threw me for a loop!


19 September 2011


Julia Vaughn is wealthy; she's beautiful, she's stylish and did I mention she has her own jewelry line? A former model,make up artist,hairstylist then turn blogger for the late great fashion line known as Triumvir ---she is a "Julia of All Trades." Born in Tapei,Taiwan raised in Korea,India,Egypt,Florida and finally now a California girl her line is inspired by all the places she has been(and it is alot of places!). Julia line known as AVGVSTA & AVGVSTVS is  also inspired by vintage BMW motorcycles and history. Here is her talking about her handcrafted  jewelry line and how it all came about.

18 September 2011

Birthday Fantasy List

I'm age-ing...Unfortunately.... I know I probably won't get most of this 
---but a girl can dream can't she?


1.Black Maxi Skirt
via weheartit

2.iPhone 5
is it real? is it fake? who knows

 3.Black Motorcycle Jacket
Caroline Blomst
4.Military Boots
urbanog.com $30

5.Armor Ring
Aaliyah did it way back in 1997!

6.Cut Off Black Sweater
Alexander Wang $375 but I'm sure I can find it cheaper

06 September 2011

Metropolis in Ruins

Lately, I have been having dreams, one of them reoccurring. I don't know the meaning behind them but I will say I enjoy them despite the subject matter. Twice I have had the dreams of my hometown being a metropolis in ruins. It is quite post-apocalyptic in nature but yet so beautiful compared to my reality. In the dreams I am often scared or excited and sometimes I am even taking pictures. Well, in both dreams I am taking pictures. These dreams have caused me to look up photos resembling the dreams. And with I ran across the drawings of Anton Furst. Furst was a production designer for Tim Burton's Batman and various other movies. It was incredible how my dreams matched his drawing in reality(even though Gotham City isn't reality). However when I tried to look up more on Anton, I found out he committed suicide two decades earlier. Here is some of his illustrations. Did I mention he designed the Batmobile?