06 September 2011

Metropolis in Ruins

Lately, I have been having dreams, one of them reoccurring. I don't know the meaning behind them but I will say I enjoy them despite the subject matter. Twice I have had the dreams of my hometown being a metropolis in ruins. It is quite post-apocalyptic in nature but yet so beautiful compared to my reality. In the dreams I am often scared or excited and sometimes I am even taking pictures. Well, in both dreams I am taking pictures. These dreams have caused me to look up photos resembling the dreams. And with I ran across the drawings of Anton Furst. Furst was a production designer for Tim Burton's Batman and various other movies. It was incredible how my dreams matched his drawing in reality(even though Gotham City isn't reality). However when I tried to look up more on Anton, I found out he committed suicide two decades earlier. Here is some of his illustrations. Did I mention he designed the Batmobile?

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