31 October 2011


Rihanna has mad style! From 2007 to now has been a complete rollercoaster of nothing but trendy trendy clothing !

812. Celebrity Style: Rihanna

We found love... <3

UPDATE: Recently BeautyCrush aka SammiMaria made a hair tutorial on the video. She is great..ENJOY

24 October 2011

some pictures i found in my stash

This blog was suppose to be about my photography, but A.D.D me just wouldn't let that be. Here is some pictures from the last couple of months....

somwhere in the mideast

canal st. chinatown

baltimore decay

tattoos on sale 

more here

19 October 2011

We Found Love

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

Rihanna (ft. Calvin Harris) - We Found Love (Official Video)

Rihanna is one of my favorite fashion icon! Can I say I LOVEEE THIS VIDEO!??? The fashion,style and art direction is epic and it reminds me of my FAVORITE SHOW SKINS (UK)!!! Post coming up on the fashion of the video and how you can pull it off!

12 October 2011

4 Fav X Fashion Commericals

I love these advertisments when they come on! They have great music and beautiful art direction that definitely catches your eye. My former marketing class said  that it takes several times before someone even is aware of that your advertisement exists but something tells me these commercials may only take one time.

1. ASOS X Urban Tour

Usually when I see an ad before a Youtube video I get angry. This may be one of the first ones I have ever watched(and not press SKIP) and actually wanted to track down information about it. Its actually a short film and you can watch it here. 

2.H&M X Girls on Film

This Duran Duran cover is done magnificently by Monna Donnerman .Sadly I can not find this version for download or purchase, at least not yet. Everything moves smoothly to the beat and hours later you will find your self singing 'girls on film..dum dum dum..girls on filmmm.' I actually like that H&M does commericals now. Four years ago I had never seen or heard of their commericals and I barely knew the brand but now it gives an image or personification to those who've never been to a H&M.

3.CK X One Shock

The music,colors and VHS effect is so nostaglia for me! It reminds me of the 90's so much. Those were good times that I miss so much. Now I definely want to try their new fragrance based on a commercial!  This isn't CK's only great commerical, click here to see another one.

4. Levi's X Go Forth

This is a very very inspirational commercial. Gives alot of meaning  a pair of jeans. When you hear it, you have to see it again and again. In fact I have the audio saved on my iPod.

10 October 2011

How To Have A Quarter Life Crisis

You've you just graduated college. Now you're broke,jobless,friendless and have no reason to live. Well have no fear I have made you a movie playlist to make you feel better, well at least for 2 hours each. These movies are Hollywood's version of what you're going through,b ut your life isn't as promising and interesting as these movies may be. Well let's carry on with the 20's suckfest shall we?

1.Fight Club 

Everyone has seen this right? Everyone except for me up to the year 2011. A friend tried to persuade to me watch it in 2009, but with seeing a picture of pink soap on the cover I was like sorry no... well lucky I didn't because I wouldn't have appreciate how close I was to the Narrator (main character who is unnamed).... too bad Tyler Durden won't come to save me from my mental hell I have created for myself, but I do have false hope he will.. Maybe for you too..Probably not

2.Lost In Translation

You probably aren't in Toyko with the whole city in your backyard of your hotel but you can pretend. This movie is as boringly as my life is right now so I can accept the pace. Besides I love Sofia Coppola even though her movies are like great sex with no climax... (Yes, I  mean there is usually no climax it kind of just ends..)

3.It's Kind of A Funny Story

Though it stars teens, they are in an adult mental ward so its all fair game. Unrealistic as going to a mental ward and finding love,friends and happiness all in one place is ...someone wrote a book and film while adding an indie soundtrack to it making it all possible. And I can relate to Craig, the main character who initally decides to jump off a bridge.

*This is all suppose to be sarcastic and fun. Hope you understand my humor! It sounds so much better when I say aloud.

07 October 2011

takato yamamoto

"Eroticism, bondage, ghostly images, and Bellmer-esque surrealism. Dark, with emotionless, stoic faces, the characters beautiful colors seem helpless..." 

03 October 2011

Songs of My Current Soul

Every couple of months I go through a period where certain music (and films) is exactly how I feel inside. But never before have these songs which I have always had in my library touched me until now. I never knew the true feeling until Marilyn Manson of all people said "its the part of you that no longer has hope..in mankind."(click here for the interview) At that moment it hit me. He was right! These songs all what I feel with every fibre of my being at this moment in my life. There are so many things going on in the world with wars,recessions, killings --at times its overwhelming. However this kind of music is cathartic for me, it may be for you one day too.(Warning these songs are very dark.)

1.David Draiman( of Disturbed)- Forsaken

 I'm over it.
You see I'm falling in a vast abyss...
Clouded by memories of the past...
At last... I see

2.Wayne Static - Not Meant For Me
I'm trapped in this world
lonely and fading
heartbroken and waiting
for you to come
we are stuck in this world
thats not meant for me

3.The Tea Party- Temptation
We exist in a world where the fear of
  Illusion is real
And we cling to the past to deny and confuse
The ideal
Once inside, we can conceive and believe in a god
we can't feel

4.KoRn- Freak on Leash
Something takes a part of me
Something lost and never seen
Every time I start to believe
Something's raped and taken from me..

5.The Smiths-How Soon Is Now?
When you say it's gonna happen now,
When exactly do you mean?
See I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

October Inspiration

I'm not inspired ...OH I AM NOT.. I haven't been since February 2,2011 ...but I like posting these pictures every month because alot them provoke what I feel... So lets carry on SHALL WE?