12 October 2011

4 Fav X Fashion Commericals

I love these advertisments when they come on! They have great music and beautiful art direction that definitely catches your eye. My former marketing class said  that it takes several times before someone even is aware of that your advertisement exists but something tells me these commercials may only take one time.

1. ASOS X Urban Tour

Usually when I see an ad before a Youtube video I get angry. This may be one of the first ones I have ever watched(and not press SKIP) and actually wanted to track down information about it. Its actually a short film and you can watch it here. 

2.H&M X Girls on Film

This Duran Duran cover is done magnificently by Monna Donnerman .Sadly I can not find this version for download or purchase, at least not yet. Everything moves smoothly to the beat and hours later you will find your self singing 'girls on film..dum dum dum..girls on filmmm.' I actually like that H&M does commericals now. Four years ago I had never seen or heard of their commericals and I barely knew the brand but now it gives an image or personification to those who've never been to a H&M.

3.CK X One Shock

The music,colors and VHS effect is so nostaglia for me! It reminds me of the 90's so much. Those were good times that I miss so much. Now I definely want to try their new fragrance based on a commercial!  This isn't CK's only great commerical, click here to see another one.

4. Levi's X Go Forth

This is a very very inspirational commercial. Gives alot of meaning  a pair of jeans. When you hear it, you have to see it again and again. In fact I have the audio saved on my iPod.

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