10 October 2011

How To Have A Quarter Life Crisis

You've you just graduated college. Now you're broke,jobless,friendless and have no reason to live. Well have no fear I have made you a movie playlist to make you feel better, well at least for 2 hours each. These movies are Hollywood's version of what you're going through,b ut your life isn't as promising and interesting as these movies may be. Well let's carry on with the 20's suckfest shall we?

1.Fight Club 

Everyone has seen this right? Everyone except for me up to the year 2011. A friend tried to persuade to me watch it in 2009, but with seeing a picture of pink soap on the cover I was like sorry no... well lucky I didn't because I wouldn't have appreciate how close I was to the Narrator (main character who is unnamed).... too bad Tyler Durden won't come to save me from my mental hell I have created for myself, but I do have false hope he will.. Maybe for you too..Probably not

2.Lost In Translation

You probably aren't in Toyko with the whole city in your backyard of your hotel but you can pretend. This movie is as boringly as my life is right now so I can accept the pace. Besides I love Sofia Coppola even though her movies are like great sex with no climax... (Yes, I  mean there is usually no climax it kind of just ends..)

3.It's Kind of A Funny Story

Though it stars teens, they are in an adult mental ward so its all fair game. Unrealistic as going to a mental ward and finding love,friends and happiness all in one place is ...someone wrote a book and film while adding an indie soundtrack to it making it all possible. And I can relate to Craig, the main character who initally decides to jump off a bridge.

*This is all suppose to be sarcastic and fun. Hope you understand my humor! It sounds so much better when I say aloud.

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