03 October 2011

Songs of My Current Soul

Every couple of months I go through a period where certain music (and films) is exactly how I feel inside. But never before have these songs which I have always had in my library touched me until now. I never knew the true feeling until Marilyn Manson of all people said "its the part of you that no longer has hope..in mankind."(click here for the interview) At that moment it hit me. He was right! These songs all what I feel with every fibre of my being at this moment in my life. There are so many things going on in the world with wars,recessions, killings --at times its overwhelming. However this kind of music is cathartic for me, it may be for you one day too.(Warning these songs are very dark.)

1.David Draiman( of Disturbed)- Forsaken

 I'm over it.
You see I'm falling in a vast abyss...
Clouded by memories of the past...
At last... I see

2.Wayne Static - Not Meant For Me
I'm trapped in this world
lonely and fading
heartbroken and waiting
for you to come
we are stuck in this world
thats not meant for me

3.The Tea Party- Temptation
We exist in a world where the fear of
  Illusion is real
And we cling to the past to deny and confuse
The ideal
Once inside, we can conceive and believe in a god
we can't feel

4.KoRn- Freak on Leash
Something takes a part of me
Something lost and never seen
Every time I start to believe
Something's raped and taken from me..

5.The Smiths-How Soon Is Now?
When you say it's gonna happen now,
When exactly do you mean?
See I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone

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