20 November 2011

Lets Talk About It:The Twilight Saga


Yes, I like Twilight...Go ahead, judge me! But there is some confusion to men and certain women on why the masses love Twilight..I am here to break it down for you in a way I have yet to hear explained.

It's a fantasy, not just any fantasy but a fantasy with no consequences. A fantasy with so much to gain in the end without really losing anything. Here we have a plain Jane with no personality, who gets picked by the most beautiful and richest guy who happens to be immortal guy. It gives a chance to a lot of girls to believe that you don't have to be special,interesting or even beautiful to be chosen by the "perfect guy". Not to mention there is tons of hot wolves and hotter vampires who are willing to risk everything for this one girl who isn't even special. Also, because its a great distraction from the reality of the world. A place where war,violence,greed,racism,rape,murder,death,poverty and misfortune happens non-stop, it is nice to get away from how fucked we truly are(hence the title of this blog).

Bella doesn't really loose much at all.. Unlike other series like say Harry Potter where both of your parents are slaughtered and some of your friends by pure evil ; or Vampire Diaries where Elena Gilbert's adopted parents, real parents and last living guardian are all killed by the result of vampirism; or other series where you have to sacrifice family,friends,home,mind,well being just to have a good end ---Bella gets to have it all. She gets to be what everyone is searching for and have been searching for since the beginning of time: eternal youth,beauty,money and love (yes, like Ponce de Leon didn't just search the globe for the "Fountain of Youth"; or there isn't countless advertising on how to be beautiful; or how people try to do things to become rich like playing the lottery every week; or like most songs,books,movies aren't about love).

Oh sure, she started to give birth to a demon spawn who eventually killed her horrifically (like she wasn't going to have to die anyway) but even the demon spawn got be a perfect little hybrid. She doesn't loose her dad because he is okay with her being a vampire (or ignores it all together) as well as keeping her immortal family. She gets to even keep Jacob around, in a creepy way but he will still be around like she wanted. No one dies or suffers that Bella cares about, its just all falls into place. In addition, being a newborn vampire she doesn't even have a struggle with bloodlust. She just magically adapts perfectly her "vegetarian" blood diet (ughhh I didn't like that Stephenie Meyer). Newborn bloodlust isn't suppose to be easy, it should take massive training according to the preceding books(Jasper anyone?). Finally, instead of the massive war with the Volturi that is suppose to happen (and carries on for 100-200 pages) it doesn't! The Volturi backs down because once again vampires from all over the world are willing to help this one un-special girl.

So this is the reason girls/people love The Twilight Saga.. She gets everything she wants and everything works in her favor --no matter what.There is no real responsibility for her actions. I don't know about you but  I may not want to be a the main character of a book/film/tv if that meant lots of people I loved had to die. I might have to think about it. But who has to think about gaining beauty,youth,happiness and money for all eternity with no real trade offs ? Not many people.

A review of the movie:
I will say the movie was better than I thought it would be. Usually I hate the movies because they never follow the book(not since the first movie). However, I was actually pleasantly surprised it did. I think they may have skipped a few sex scenes but apparently America is more afraid of sex than graphic gore.

1.The birth scene
was horrifying and that's great.It could have been more graphic but somehow I thought they would skip this all together so I was grateful for ANYTHING. Since in the other films they took blood scenes and made them not bloody (-_-) it was nice to see actual blood IN A VAMPIRE MOVIE.. It (almost) helped that the music was all happy and then it slid right into SAW III. I wasn't expecting it at all. It saved the movie for me, because I almost disliked the whole film until that scene.

2.Bella's transformation
was beautiful with her human life flashing before her eyes. It was nice they played her actual Lullaby Theme, instead of leaving it out. Also, I wondered why at first Bella looked so sickly (even before the baby). Once she was pregnant she looked like emancipated DEATH warmed up. SHE LOOKED HORRIBLE.There was nothing glamorous or redeeming about the way she looked! Finally, she transformed into a vampire. Bella went from looking like she escaped Michael Jackson's Thriller to her looking like she had an eternal gift card to Sephora.

3.The way they handle the Jacob pedophilia part(LOL!).
I had no idea how they were going to handle the imprinting of man to a baby but they did it. By showing Reneseme as an adult/teen as soon as he imprinted, you almost forget that she is still a baby and he's a grown ass man(or teen?). But it was also a beautiful flash forward with all the music,her voice and seeing her as an adult/teen. Surprising it was all CGI-ed versions of her. I thought those were real people, but nope all computerized.

1.I hated the background music. There was this annoying ass background music that made the movie seem like a soap opera. The music was a bit too happy. Was that in the preceding movies? Breaking Dawn is the darkest of the series so why is this so happy? I mean, we're talking about a vampire baby crushing you from the inside out. Do I really need to feel like I'm on a happy ride up an elevator?

2.The acting. I know that Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson can act. I have seen numerous films with them in it. Yet they seemed bored, uninterested or like they were just reading their lines. The seemed passive and almost un-phased that their beloved Bella was about to be sucked dry by her own fetus. This is the first time I noticed this out of all the films.

3. At some points I felt like I was watching the Power Rangers. When the wolf pack met up and we're reading each other minds I was just like DEAR GOD WHY???WHO SAID THIS WAS OKAY?? I was just waiting for Jacob to say "GO GO POWER RANGERS TO KILL BELLA-YOU CAN NOT STOP ME.. AH-HA".. It had this cartoon feel.. You know--the cartoons you can catch on a Saturday morning...Weird......

Anyways I still liked the movie (thanks to the last 30 minutes redeeming the whole thing). This is the first movie I have liked since the first one (Catherine Hardwicke, girl you had it right). I look forward to the next one.

*UPDATE: I just realized that Edward Cullen didn't sparkle in Breaking Dawn Part I. Which I guess is fine but be consistent. If he's going to sparkle in all the films and books, he or at least vampire Bella should have at least sparkled just a little.