15 November 2011


Breckelle Georgia-24 Lace Up Military Mid Calf Boot

WOOOO HOO after waiting a whole year for them to restock and then another year for them to mail it to me (sarcasm) I finally have my boots. I have been searching for the perfect combat/military boot for like 2 years now. And after 3 fail attempts with other boots I finally have them! This my first time dealing with URBANOG.com .. I saw it in a magazine and finally broke down and bought them. At first I was worried because there was NO REVIEWS on them AT ALL. I was afraid I was going to get these run down,cheap looking,tacky shoes that had been Photoshopped beyond belief  but I was wrong. They are comfy, fit well and I'm gonna keep them forever and everrrrr....  I will say one thing however, it took forever to ship. I paid $10 bucks for shipping but it took two weeks to arrive. I have gotten faster shipping from China for free. Nevertheless, I am really happy with them.



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swellmayde said...

your boots are amazing!! and i bought the spiked bracelets from f21. :)

xoxo, aimee
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