17 December 2011

My X-Mas Wishlist

I usually don't ask for anything for Christmas and I am still won't. I don't expect/want anything but I sure like to think about it.

1.A Gold Heart Ring

I don't have much gold. Why? Because its harder to find things you like in gold, but silver is everywhere.

2. $25 iTunes Card

I am addicted to my iPhone. I thought Blackberry was bad, but dear god RIM has nothing on this obsession.The apps are ridiculous,helpful,addicting but all are not free! I need to to quench my urges for Street Fighter IV,Sonic and Tetris.

3.a Pandora/Charm Bracelet

It doesn't really have to be Pandora because I know where to get the same charms that aren't $20-500 A PIECE! I want to start one and add all the charms valid to my life/likes.

4.Vampire Diaries season 1 & 2

They were/still are on sale at Walmart.com but SOLD OUT. I went to Walmart at 9pm on Thanksgiving to get them instead. After people knocked over the DVD stand and were crawling all over each other for DVDs I just couldn't do it...