24 February 2011

When I First Decided I Wanted To Work In Fashion

Don't Tell Mom's The Babysitter's Dead..
Simple plot from wiki is: "When the babysitter suddenly dies in her sleep, Applegate (as the eldest) assumes the role as "head of the household" to keep the freedom of having no parents around. She fakes a resume to get a job in the fashion industry, but proves capable and lucky enough to succeed."

It was just so motivating as a child to see Christina Applegate( I  loved Married With Children) working in this thing I had never seen before. It was glamorous (by 90's standard) and seemed sp exciting! I would watch this every time it came on HBO when I was 7 and I just loved it. Part of my dream was born in watching this movie!

19 February 2011


Can I just say..Hot? Bombshell? Fox????? I LOVEEEEEE THISSSS look the new hair,the shades,the shirtdress and Jesus,Mary and Joseph those 
$1,030 five inch jade Christian Louboutins!!!!!

18 February 2011

feb/march inspiration

1.Lolita (1962) 2. Revolutionary Road 3.Liv Malone from SKINS U.K 4.Zoe Kravitz in "Yell To The Sky" 5. Sarah Jane in "The Imitation of Life" 6. Coco Avant Chanel 7. Unknown 8. An Education  9. The Royal Tenenbaums

17 February 2011

Style Icon: Mister Rogers

Yes...Mr.Rogers...That's what I said.. He was the original hipster, or rather he was just original. With Oxfords,bright cardigans and Keds Mister Rogers was wayyyyy ahead of his time!

15 February 2011

and architecture we need because we all need a roof over our head...

New York Public Library
New York Public Library
New York Public Library
New York Public Library
My trip to the New York Public Library on 5th ave with Vanessa. I always saw this library in films so I had to see it for myself. It was BEAUTIFUL, breath-taking,overwhelming --I felt like I was in Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets!  I absolutely loveeeeee old architecture. I like to imagine what the people were like who went to this library when it was originally built. 

13 February 2011

Single Awareness Wishlist Day

Okay its Valentine..(BOOOO) I never had a Valentine...But that doesn't stop me from forming these wishlists in my mind. I feel these little items are quite romantic and quite perfect if I had a Valentine.. So here we go!

Cat Bird Heart Rose Gold Ring $88
 Conflict Eternity Band $1,500
(yes it costs alot I would gladly accept the 20 dollar ebay version)

 Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales $5-10

Just Kids by Patti Smith (hardcover) $16

11 February 2011

Kim Kardashian

 Can I just say I love everything about what she is wearing? From the makeup,clothes,nail polish, hair .. JUST EVERYTHING. I hope someone does a Polyvore for this soon if they haven't already!

10 February 2011

Inspiration: Mignon Faget

When the hurricane hit in 2005, I moved to an upper-class catholic school outside of New Orleans and often the girls had this distinct jewelry that all seem to come from the same place. I was amazed by it and I learned it was of the most famous jewelrymaker in Louisiana, or the only rather --Mignon Faget (pronounced my-new fa-jay). Created and handcrafted by hand its always nice to see artist do things themselves. Nowadays every celebrity, sports player wife and god knows who else wants to make a jewelry line but can't even sketch a stick man to save their lives. I hope one day to own several of her pieces to remind me of where I came from and what New Orleans used to be.

02 February 2011

Films About New York

I wouldn't say so much now, but at one point there was a romanticism about New York City.. The city that never sleeps, where your dreams are possible and you become yourself. Parts of that is still true but not with the same genuineness. I mean ---I wasn't there in the 50s-90s but I have read about it and listened to others around the office that were there. Anyway I am rambling lets talk about one of my favorite movies: 9 1/2 Weeks...It wasn't my favorite movie because  of the plot or the story but rather New York City being the where it takes place. Tall ceilings, Manhattan apartments, dinner parties, art shows, sex and love all in one place. Its kind of how I see my life in 5-7 years.