30 March 2011

April Inspiration

1.Rihanna "Loud" Promo 2. Ghost Town (2001) 3.Tank Girl comic 4.Liv in Skins 5.unknown 6.Romeo and Juliet 7.Jane Lane in Daria 8. Chloe (2009) 9. Rich and Grace in Skins (bottom left) 10. Snow White(1937) 11. Elle Fanning in Rodarte

23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011

When people say, ‘She’s got everything’, I’ve got one answer - I haven’t had tomorrow.

18 March 2011

Oh yea I forget: PAPER MAGAZINE

I am credited in their Spring Issue 2011 for the cover shoot... it was a great experience, quite glamourous, Mr.Mickey and my favorite photographer Jacquelina de Milia one of the best days of my life.. 
blood sweat and fashion..

Paper Magazine

11 March 2011


Amazingly last week I said, I want to got o TOYKO, I have to go! I drew some anime, put some Haruki Murakami books in my Amazon cart and wrote on in a notepad 愛日本  which is (I) love Japan.. I was going through tons of comics and looking at photos of Japan on a blog and had this big of nostalgic feeling. Since I was a girl I was obsessed with Asian culture and I thought I have to acutally meet this obsession but then I wake up to this..One of the worst earthquakes in Japan in almost 100 years.. My family there is fine, that's great. However, I have lived through a huge natural disaster and I know from my experience : Japan won't be the same for a very long time...

Tsunami warning March 11 2011 #2 with helmeted newscasters

07 March 2011

Muse #2: KELIS

I discovered Kelis in a 2001 issue of Seventeen magazine. There she was with her warm honey hair streaks, "consistently inconsistent" style and with yours truly Anna Sui.. It was the first time I had seen her(I had heard her unconsciously around 1999 on a song) and I was in LOVE.. I still have that clipping..I keep it in a binder(like a psycho). Kelis is one of the most UNDERRATED singers and trendsetters of all time. She has been copied,traced and erased by the biggest stars of today and also uncredited. Her ideas have been copied so much she is running at a rapid pace of changing her style over and over so that it can't be cloned. She is the underdog for no reason of her own but I love her and I would love to spend a day with her taking her picture of her everyday life. Judging from her occasional interviews I'm sure she can give me great wisdom about womanhood,music and the philosophy of life.

05 March 2011

Target:Dolce Vita

Okay I kinda called something at Target a knock off the day before(okay maybe not a knock-off, just so similar you might make it as the same thing ---yeah I guess)... but I still love Target  because they have greattttt things..Like these shoes I wanted but didn't buy because I'm supposed to be saving for life or something..haha
Here they are!

Dolce Vita for Target® Rope Wedge Sandals - Black

me @ the store 

03 March 2011

PROENZA SCHOULER vs. Target Knockoff

Proenza Schouler $1,995

Mossimo Messenger Bag $34.99

I like Target and Mossimo... So I felt bad calling it a "knock off" but I was on Dulce Candy's blog and I was like "oh she has a Proenza Schouler bag.." Then I read the creds and it said TARGET and I immediately went look for it. No judgement here, because as soon as I finish this post I am going buy it! HA 

Rachel Roy: Rings

I didn't know about Rachel Roy's price points. I guess I never thought about it so when I went to look at her jewelry section I was surprised. I was so sure that the rings I was looking at would be between $200-300 I was shocked to see they were reasonable! They look so rich and high quality for such a great price you can't beat this! Prices range between $30-50

01 March 2011

Music: Not That You Care

I just want to document what I have been listening to lately for the last couple of months almost everyday...

  1. Arcade Fire-Ready To Start
  2. The Cure-A Forest
  3. Radiohead-I Might Be Wrong
  4. Best Coast-When I'm With You
  5. Folk Implosion-Jenny's Theme
  6. The Kills-Black Balloon
  7. Warpaint- Stars
  8. Arctic Monkeys-My Propeller
  9. Pandabear-Slow Motion
  10. Nirvana-Lounge Act
  11. Nirvana-Dive
  12. The Dead Weather-No Hassle Night
  13. JUS†ICE- Planisphere
  14. The Doors-Crystal Ship
  15. The Doors- In The End
  16. Marilyn Manson-The Dope Show
  17. NIN-Closer
  18. The Naked and Famous- Young Blood
  19. Aqualung-The Good Times Are Going To Come
  20. Charles B-Lack of Love
  21. My Toys Like Me-Mice
  22. Billie Holiday- Gloomy Sunday
  23. Louis Armstrong-Dear Old Southland
  24. Simon & Garfunkel-Scarborough Fair / Canticle
  25. Interpol-NARC
  26. Stooges-I Want To Be Your Dog 
times sqaure
(a totally irrelevant photo i took in times square, my flickr)

Jackson Eaton

I don't know anything about Jackson Eaton but his photos. I wish I did so I could have some kind of intro/bio like I normally do when talking about great photographers. But Jackson's does my favorite kind of art...real life.. he tells photography based on true story..