29 April 2011

Influence: Prince William/Harry + Michael Jackson x Royal Wedding

I stayed up and watch the royal wedding half sleep... but when I got fully awake to see Prince William and Harry get out the car -- boy was I shocked! They all looked like they raided Michael Jackson's closet...They always said that Michael Jackson like to look like royalty along with his military gear and I will now say seems like royalty and military gear looks like Michael Jackson! So many people commenting on their "Michael Jackson jackets" instead of "oh those royalty military jackets," now thats what I call influence! I was not a fan of Kate's dress. I really expected something more for a designer under McQueen, however it was stated that Kate had more control(of course!) of her dress then Sarah Burton so its okay....
Wait no further here is that comparison of Michael Jackson's signature clothing vs the Prince's.
awesome right?!
(by the way if anyone thinks I am a stupid by posting this you probably should re-read again I clearly state Michael Jackson was influenced by royalty and milita is choosing his signature style. If you can't make sense of that you should probably go burn in  fire! have a nice day!)

20 April 2011

Style Icon: Nyne Lyves

When I discovered this style icon around 2007 I knew this girl was going somewhere and boy  was I right! Nyne is a jewelry designer, style icon, artist...She is the mixture of 70s fashion, africana, neosoul and the supernatural. Along with Zewiditu Ruffin's  chameleon spirit ---she breathes originality. Hailing from DC but living in NYC her style isn't just amazing it has meaning.. it has life! And you know the best thing about her as an icon? She doesn't even have to try, its just happens from within...
Ladies and gents take note this girl.She is the next big thing.

17 April 2011

Featured on Urban Outfitters Blog

Their flickr favorites didn't know I was on there until I was just randomly visiting the blog...
Fun times ....I hope who ever these kids are will find this picture and remember.

11 April 2011

Bill Cunningham-New York

I have been watching a lot of photographer's documentaries in hopes they will give me some kind of hope of not jumping off a bridge..Besides my old boss/editor of the internship I worked is in, she is such a sweetheart.. Anyways go see this movie it may inspire you too!

08 April 2011

Image Dump

Toxic is Dead
(all from tumblr, except Daft Punk and Toxic Avenger pictures from the talented Caesar Sebastien)

06 April 2011

black and white.

a cousin
Marlon Jackson
this guy was really happy about his outfit so he posed for all of us
that is the wrong date... i think

photos i took in the last three years that no one has seen

04 April 2011

Muse #3 : Fiona Apple in 1997

I miss Fiona...she was part of the generation that were rebels with causes that had something worth saying.. When I heard her make that speech at the MTV awards at age 9 I knew I would always remember it... Those blue doe eyes, porcelain skin and wild dark hair is what I see perfect beauty as. Behind those eyes somehow have aire of hurt and pain that is just so authentic ---I just wish I was capable of sneaking backstage or anywhere she was for  capture it forever. However I did come close, my friend Alisha happens to look like her so all was not lost. Love you Fiona.