23 January 2012

I am not satisified with my photography.

I actually think its quite mediocre. I guess I am to blame. I didn't invest money into my craft but into trivial things because I thought that one day I could afford to invest all at once. Boy, was I wrong. Every time I have something saved I have to spent it on bullshit that comes up. I know your camera doesn't matter, but after five years I have out grew this camera and its lens. I hate my camera.I would kick it down the street if I could, but then I would be camera-less. But even if I did have the money, it would be my luck that Canon release a newer version right after(it happened with this piece of shit) of the camera I want. I hate my work. But thats the great thing about photography. There is no time limit on when you can grow and learn about picture taking. That fact gives me the calm before the dread.