29 March 2012

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

I saw this documentary two years ago and it was so soothing and breath taking. It was indescribable the feelings it gave me to learn about this woman. I have always had this type of voyeur interest of how people work behind what is presented to the world. What's really going on behind the scenes? The process.. Who is this person with tremendous talent. Whether its singers,painters, photographers, just any type of creative, non-traditional choice of a lifestyle. I like the beginning of Anne's career the most. It was so candid and natural. I really like that feel of being "caught in a moment" type of photography. Its like just for a moment that time has stopped and that moment is immortalized forever.

28 March 2012


Yay! Something's new at my store! Meet "Religion"  They are a mix-matched style LARGE silver cross and Virgin Maria dangle medal. The post and chains are silver plated (oo-la-la). They are hand-crafted by moi !

"Religion" Earrings $18

Once again, if you didn't know: shipping is a one flat rate so you can buy up the whole store and pay low one rate (arrives in 2-5 days)! 

26 March 2012


I notice reading my writing ---it really sucks... Everything sounds so wonderful in my head and then I try to post about it while trying to care what people think and then it becomes kind of mindless,happy bullsh*t... Yet here I am writing >_> ... Well here is DJ VENUS X, I found her on Instacrack(gram) and I was drawn to her... I feel like she is the woman I would want to be, but haven't yet became...She's free in all the ways I'm not (oh yes that was a spin of a Fight Club quote)...

Oh I pray for the date I can color my hair unnatural colors, pierce my septum(and tragus) and get tattoos... I just want to say f--- the system.. One day...One day y'all.

25 March 2012

Music: I am ashamed

That I didn't know about this sooner. Okay, last night in a Vampire Diaries forum(don't you judge me) I found out Persia White, who plays Abby Bennett on the series has a band..The person called it an "industrial rock band" named XEO3, so I said "let me go check this out.." SWEET BABY JESUS! Where have you been all my life?! I knew of Persia White from an old friend but I must have not be listening when she said a singer with a silky tone and dark vocals...How is this woman's music not in like dark fantasy films or like "out there"..? She is like if Bjork had a baby with all of Portishead and then added a supernatural force.. I listened all night long and I woke up the next morning from a musical hangover (I drunk the music yall, it was that good, I CONSUMED IT)... Anyways, here is just 2 little songs to get you going...

21 March 2012

new things in shop

and i have more things added to the store.. but i will highlight my three favorites!
"Crux and Bones" Earrings

"The Minimalist" Arm Cuff

"Crux Dot" Earrings

20 March 2012

Trayvon Martin 1995-2012

In case you didn't know, George Zimmerman is a child murderer who shot and killed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin because "he looked suspicious" .. He has yet to be arrested in spite of eye witnesses,voice recordings and his own admittance and we all know why. Anyway, Trayvon was carrying Skittles and ice tea and we all know how dangerous candy and drinks are against a gun.

so sad you have to beg and make 1 million people to sign a petition to get the police to enforce their own laws.

15 March 2012

Wishlist: Suspender Tights

I want suspender tights, summer is coming and guess what? I dont want to wear booty shorts with out tights, so this is a safe and SEXYYYYY way to do it!

The Stylish Fox's



14 March 2012

More Stuff In The Store

I am slowly but putting more things in my shop. Its moving kind of slow because I have to take studio photos of most of the things, and if the lighting isn't right I am screwed for the day(I use natural light,thanks rain for the last 3 days). Anyways I am quite excited about everything! Trying not to gush over the stuff I have created or selected and then keeping it! Anyways this is what we have so far this week! I hope you come shop. FLAT RATE SHIPPING on everything so buy what you want and pay one rate, and everything comes in  2-3 days!

13 March 2012

Wishlist: SHOP With Asian Stereotypes

I have been eying this shop by China Ngyuen for maybe a year and I wish I could buy up the site! Its so darkkkk and very very gothy.. I'm a goth on the inside. Did I tell you? Since I was a little kid! 
Yes, blame The Craft ...!!
Anyways this is what I want.. If anyone wants to buy me something, you know who you are, don't be afraid I wear a medium. HA!

$40 and $36


12 March 2012

Eric Draven

Dear Hollywood, please don't redo this movie..The Crow is all I have. Ok, not all.. But I don't want this era's tainted imagery on my beautiful Eric Draven/Brandon Lee..This generation has f**k up enough things. I just don't want to see anything from this generation when  I get my fan girl search on Google. Nor do I want to hear contrived youth,hipsters,kids, etc talking about it when they just heard of it last week..

Sincerely,  Shelley Webster  ME

09 March 2012

Styled By June

I remember finding June Ambrose in the inside of this retired magazine once called Suede...It was one of the best glam/fashion magazines I have ever seen, sorry it didn't last(but I kept all the copies, maybe it will ressurect after 7 years?)Anyways, I was naturally drawn to June' style and finally she is getting national recognition! I will be watching! Thanks VH1!

06 March 2012

STOP KONY 2012- Invisible Children


Joseph Kony is the genocidal, raping,torturing, extremist in Uganda who turn children into sex slaves and mindless soldiers. Mark the date 20 April 2012 ---the day he will be stopped.

it was a scam to get money and publicity, Kony isn't a major threat to Uganda and Invisible Children is ran by an anti-gay, asshole who masturbates in public and etc etc ...You can read the news report.

04 March 2012

ASOS X UNIF Flag Religion Distressed Knitted Sweater

I am not a big fan of UNIF's clothing because I feel like they are whoring the Satanist and Illuminati fad a bit too hard by using symbols and etc that they think look cool but don't know know the actual symbolism behind them while completely voiding(and cheapening) the true meaning of each symbol. Its kinda like appropriation but for religion... However, I'll give them a pass on this sweater. I really like it.


01 March 2012