04 March 2012

ASOS X UNIF Flag Religion Distressed Knitted Sweater

I am not a big fan of UNIF's clothing because I feel like they are whoring the Satanist and Illuminati fad a bit too hard by using symbols and etc that they think look cool but don't know know the actual symbolism behind them while completely voiding(and cheapening) the true meaning of each symbol. Its kinda like appropriation but for religion... However, I'll give them a pass on this sweater. I really like it.



swellmayde said...

loving the sweater!!

- Aimee

SwellMayde DIY's

Amber Nefertari said...

I agree. Not sound like a hater but I'm not a fan either, its like clothes for tumblr rejects.
Anyway cool blog, ciao!