25 May 2012

I Probably Should Blog About This

Some of this is old products with newer pictures and  some of this is just new products.

Whats new?
Baby Crux Bracelet $12

I made myself one of these for fun but then you guys on Instagram kept asking me about it. If it was for sale and such so I have decided to make it for sale.

Whats old but with new pictures?

Mineralia Druzy Danity Necklace $18
"Memento Mori" Stone Skull Beaded Bracelet $10
So much color! who would have thunk it!?
All the gold skull bangles are out of stock,never thought gold would out sell my usual silver. Especially in only 2 days.

I will be adding (more) rings one day. Regular fashion jewelry rings and high end rings made of sterling silver and other durable metals. Stay tune. 

Mineralia Druzy Necklace