29 July 2012


“she exudes a certain rawness that makes her a very unique talent. I loved working with her on this video for T Fall 2012, and think the collaboration captures a collision of energies.”  -Alexander Wang

28 July 2012

August Inspiration

Forgot about July, oops. So here is August!

But there was a hell, and no matter where we moved to, I was in it.

chloe moretz, worse things have happened to better people, leather jackets,lisbeth  salander, the dark knight rises, interview with a vampire quote, kristen stewart in harpers bazaar,damon salvatore's quote,aaliyah as akasha in queen of the damned, kyle schmid as henry fitzroy from blood ties,selene in underworld,rachel hurdwood in hideaways 

credit: all images taken from tumblr

Made The Front Page of Storenvy

One day I was just going to Storenvy.com and I said "oh look at those skull bracelets"  then I kept going then it hit me "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE FRONT PAGE!" So very happy about it, buy your Memento Mori Skull Bangle today!

25 July 2012

open your eyes if you want to see

I would like to thank Sophia S. for taking this picture on instagram of all the rings she bought from us! They look deliciously(is that a word?) amazing on her hand with the black nail polish, black and white filter and white background! I do have more things to add to the site like spike earrings and spiked bracelet  and silver antique cross earrings,but I digress. However here are the 3 rings she is sporting. (From left to right) First off is the Silver Mini Bones Ring , 2nd we have the Silver Cross Cage Ring, and 3rd we have the Silver Infinity Two Finger Ring.

Thanks so much SOPHIAAAA!

16 July 2012

The Reason Is For The Sleep Is To Dream

The silver collections is filled with skull bangles, silver dream catchers, turquoise skull heads on silver plated chains, antique silver crosses crosses, cross cage rings, double skull rings, silver baby cross earrings... 

You can buy them all here 

11 July 2012

Instagram: LARONJE

Here is some of our photos from Instagram. One of the most addictive apps on the iPhone!

Memento Mori III  Gold Skull Bangle
Memento Mori Antique Gold Skull Bangle (coming soon) and some vintage gold earrings also for sale
"Akasha" Long Arm Cuff and Silver Infinity Two Finger Ring
Memento Mori Skull Bangles in  Gold and Hematite,Black Two Finger Cross Ring,
Memento Mori Silver Double Skull Ring

Memento Mori Skull Bangles in  Gold,Silver and Hematite. Memento Mori" Stone Skull Beaded Bracelet . "Muertos" Small Skull Beaded Bracelet
Vampira Claw Silver Nail Ring
Silver Hammered Earrings . "Memento Mori" Stone Skull Beaded BraceletBaby Crux Cross Bracelet . Silver Sideways Fleur de Lis Bracelet
Memento Mori III Gold Skull Bangle

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10 July 2012

Item Spotlight : 1001 Arabian Nights Dome Pyramid Ring

This Arabian inspired dome stretch ring. One size fits all. 1 inch in diameter. Its a great statement ring that can turn a simple outfit into something all your friends will ask you about. We have it in three choices. 

3 Colors: 
-Gold with Turquoise Stones 
-Silver with Red Stones 
-Silver with Clear Stones

It kind of reminds me of Disney's Aladdin as well and the original 1001 Nights book which of course is a different kind of story of Aladdin.

02 July 2012

lost girl in underland