06 September 2012

September Inspiration

selina kyle, unknown, eve in underworld:awakening, no reason to stay is a good reason to go,selene buying michael corvin in underworld, be the worst you can be life is too short for patience and virtue,i feel like i'm waiting for something to happen, themaniamania
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04 September 2012

@dreamongood - Brandon Oda

(the one on the right)

Brandon Oda is a positive thinker with impeccable style who is coming up in the world of fashion, I'm sure in 2-5 years everyone will know who he is. Here he is in two of our bracelets 1."Memento Mori" Stone Skull Beaded Bracelet and "Muertos" Small Beaded Bracelet 2. Visit his blog for when your feeling down, and his post will give you hope to follow your dreams, whatever they maybe!

02 September 2012

been dazed and confused for so long...

Well, I've been M.I.A, because of Hurricane Isaac knocking out power for 5 days and being totally disconnected from the world. I had to suspend orders until hopefully Tuesday because most of the city is non-functioning, but I hope to be back up soon. In the meantime I plan to be adding more Memento Mori Skull Beaded Bracelets in bright colors like coral pink, ocean blue, white,ghost white, and other exciting colors including silver.

Have a nice day