28 October 2012

Everyday is Halloween

pour moi... 

norman bates in 1960 PSYCHO, laurie strode kissing michael myers,jack skellington,poor snow white,akasha and lestat,michael jackson's thriller,a cross tattoo(i can't find the source), elena gilbert as a vampire,the crow's dia de los muertos celebration,coffin cases for cigarettes,satan's blood (1978),the ring, lydia from beetlejuice,we're not in wonderland anymore alice

24 October 2012

Silver and Gold Safety Pin Earrings

NEW this week in store.
Gold Safety Pin Earrings
Silver Safety Pin Earrings

only $10 !

The Specifics: Metal safety pin earrings in gold or silver. Has a lever back and brushed finish. Drops about 3/4 (0.75")

21 October 2012

Be Inspired Pt.1

Feeling down? Want to feel up? Here are some inspirational words you can use daily for different events in life. Enjoy
Welcome to Today, Another Day,Another Chance
Worse things have happened to better people.
May the bridges I burn light the way.
Still time to change the road you're on.
-Led Zeppelin

Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places.
Someday it will happen.
Everything is going to be alright.
Act without expectation.

Everything has beauty... But not everyone can see it
Just Stop Trying and It Will Happen.
-a derivative of an Andy Warhol quote
I know this maybe not be inspirational at first, but this is J.K Rowling, one of the best seller authors of all time. A billionaire, the author of Harry Potter, for almost a decade she considered herself a complete failure. Now she's one of the most successful women in the world..Imagine that...

You may feel like isn't going right, especially in these times of uncertainty but all you need is hope..faith...that you can get out of this...this is only a currently reality!

my next post on this will be inspirational videos...

18 October 2012

NEW: Double Cross Bangle Bracelet

Gold Double Cross Bangle Bracelet $17
Silver Double Cross Bangle Bracelet

The exact same bracelet worn by Song of Style fashion blogger, Aimee Song 

This double cross bangle bracelet comes in silver or gold.Its very delicate and dainty. Also is adjustable.

10 October 2012

October Inspiration

Angelina Jolie, Buffy the Vampire slayer, Welcome to Today Another Day Another Chance, Valerie Leon in Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb (1971), Charmed,Die by Sanchiko,Valentino Couture by Deborah Turbeville for Vogue Italia September 2012

Highlight: Gunmetal Lightning Bolt Necklace

We like to go for the dainty but edgy look here at BLKANDNOIR.This a 16 inch gunmetal necklace with a small 1 inch dainty lighting bolt with rhinestone accents. Also has 4 inch extender. We also have other funky but dainty jewels like razors and skulls.

07 October 2012

International Orders

Before International orders had to request invoices to check out because of site problems, but that is no longer so.. Now you can order and no need to email us to check out! International shipping is a flat-rate $10 and comes with insurance!

01 October 2012

Memento Mori Skull Bead Bracelet

Well blogger has changed its format...how unforunate, as I wander aimlessly to learn a new system thats been the same for more than five years..(I say this in malice and sarcasm) ... on to it!
I have restocked all the colors and added new colors such as oceanic blue,coral pink, white, silver and etc!
and the other colors --->

you can buy them on the site or our etsy!

Memento Mori Skull Stone Beaded Bracelet